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Our Team
(or should
we say,
your team)


Ada Torres-Toro

Co-Founder Partner

Our co-founder partner is simply a journalist and writer with a head for business.


One of the top go-to crisis managers in hispanic markets for local and international clients, Ada left her post as a TV anchor at the peak of her ratings to pursue entrepreneurship.


Being a public figure opened doors, and getting comfortable would have been easy, but she took it to the next tier by bringing on board key people to create a new model for the tired “communications business” industry.


Coming from the receiving end as a journalist, she knows exactly what works with the press and what doesn’t; she doesn't speculate.


When she is not solving a crisis or curating the communications angle of iFullCircle strategies, you will find her writing fiction and traveling tirelessly, with 64 countries under her belt, and counting.


Radamés Rosado

Co-Founder Partner

Our bohemian Creative and Digital Strategist without a tattoo, has worked and overseen hundreds of campaign deployments in diverse markets both in Puerto Rico and the US.


Rada founded and directed a disruptor advertising boutique agency, and has developed market research initiatives and non-profit decades-long programs, among many other contributions.


With a humanistic approach to today’s invasive digital flood in business, he also dedicates his passion to painting, reading, traveling, and discovering new things to wonder about.


Also, he married his partner. She asked him ;) 


Some more of us

Zulenmari Rosado-Báez
Finance | Management

Traffic | Operations

Joey Cabra
Senior Content Creator

Crystyan René Ortiz-Pérez
Creative | Designer

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Markets US

iFC-Web Icons-118-globo-2.png

Our reach towards markets outside the island is powered by our business partnership with Latin2Latin, with industry veterans Arminda ‘Mindy’ Figueroa and Malule González.

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